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Swedish Vallhunds and Lancashire Heelers
Breed Profiles
The Lancashire Heeler

Originally bred to work cattle,

Sometimes being known as the Ormskirk Terrier helping the drovers by nipping at the cattle’s heels or running across the backs of the cattle to get to the front and barking at them to bring them back, nick named the “ nip and duck” dog for obvious reasons.

Very intelligent,

Eager to please “big dog in a little dogs jacket” with a great love of people and children, loves cuddles and being a lap dog sometimes, is always ready to help with anything “or not” being very agile and quick on their heels they are very good mousers, they are also quick enough to catch rats and rabbits as well if given the chance.

The Heeler is known for it’s fantastic

“Heeler-smile” or “Heeler-grin” and continuously wagging tail, they should always have a happy outgoing temperament and a “wicked” sense of humour, with bundles of energy, that makes them great family pets, for the young get up and goer’s and also the older person who wants a more leisurely lifestyle, the Heeler fits in with both.

They do not

need a lot of grooming; chamois leather together with a quick brush is normally all that is required.

These are both great breeds and I am greatful to have the pleasure of
Knowing, owning and living with them.


Originally they were herders, herding cows, but also as general dogs in the farmhouses, keeping things in order, watching children and the garden, killing rats etc.  So, it is in their genes their need  something to do!
They like exercise and they are actually pretty strong and fast dogs. Short legs doesn’t make them slow or less active. Then again if you are laying about having a lazy day they will be quite happy to lay about  with you.

The Vallhund is loyal,

Friendly and eager to please, loves other dogs and children, especially joining in with their games.  Also being very watchful, alert and energetic “in fact their energy just never runs out”, they learn very easily to do almost anything, they can be trained for obedience, agility and working with the gun, they have great noses so are very good at flushing out pheasants etc. “that also helps them where food is concerned”,they will soon sniff out anything that might be edible, being a typical herder / working dog: they will herd cattle and sheep or anything they think need to be herded, when I had my horses mine were always trying to herd them back into the stables for me without any training, they are very intelligent little people, although they have rather short legs for their size they are very fast and agile.
Their very outgoing nature makes them an “in your face breed” (I think is a good description), always ready for the next task, game or whatever.

They are very good alarm bells

“ no need for a burglar alarm” they will soon let you know if there is someone strange about, “their batteries don’t run out” they don’t have trouble with power cuts, until you tell them that all is fine.  

A Vallhund loves

to do what ever you are doing “whether they are helping or not”.

The Vallhund is everything

An energetic owner could ever hope for, a loving, always there with you “very best friend”.

Their coats are very easy

To look after, it seems to clean and dry itself, even if they have managed to get very muddy a quick rub with a towel and when dry a quick brush (optional) is normally all that is needed and an occasional bath will get rid of the loose hair when they moult.
After all Mark Todd the International Show jumper, and Jenny Pitman the Racehorse Trainer both have Swedish Vallhunds.

The Vallhund is a big dog in a small jacket.

Don´t let your Vallhund fool you just because they look small, they really are not! If you put normal size legs under them they would be medium sized dogs.

The Swedish Vallhund

“A big dog on little legs”

You´ll never have a boring day again after getting a Swedish Vallhund or a couple or a few of them…
These little fellows have unbelievable intelligence and brain power therefore they make wonderful companions.
You just need to remember that they are quite active and if you don´t offer them suitable activities to use their energy and brain they might find some by themselves and that might not always be what you think of as pleasant entertainment...