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Swedish Vallhunds and Lancashire Heelers
Fun and Games
The Vallhunds, owners and some friends that were rounded up in 
 Finland to meet us 
having a bit of fun.

I wonder what he is saying to her?

Come on Levi, I’ve checked the mirror, nothing’s coming!!

Hey Babe you are nearest the key!!

I tried, it’s got no petrol,

Mum help.

Out for walks in the snow

Jalo telling Levi to go away

We had a bit of fun

getting some pictures

for a Swedish

Vallhund Calender

( left )

We had a puppy party in January for the Elite pups 1st birthday.

Look on the puppies page for more pictures.

Where did it go, it’s in here somewhere

It’s not here, not here neither,

Ok it’s gone,

lets find something else to do

Teija really chillin out

The boys havin a rest after a good chase