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Swedish Vallhunds and Lancashire Heelers

Hytek litter

Born 5/5/2011

Sire: CH Candace The Scandanavian  (Janni)

Dam: Mystarz Chivas Calypso   (Jalo)





These pictures were taken 4th June

Some said yes ok

I’ll pose for the camera

Some said no thank you

“The day that they ran out of the right colour dye”

I must admit that I was not expecting the “white” puppies in this litter, neither myself or the owner of the stud dog saw that we had doubled up way back on some dogs that carry the white gene, both mum and dad are carriers of the white gene because they both have to carry it to produce them.

“that’s genetics for you”

After the shock of, not 1 not 2 but 3 of them, ok these are so cute, after only 2 days their little noses, lips, the coat around the ears and various points on them turned so black it did not seem possible, you would think someone had been playing with a black felt pen.

I then began to think OMG how am I going to sell these, then to my amazement as soon as people realised I had them they were sold, I could have sold 8 if I had them.  1 of them went to the USA, they had just lost a white and never thought they would be able to get another one.

The funny thing was that they were the first ones to open their eyes, the first ones on their feet and the first to get out of the whelping bed.

I would never worry again if I had any more, they are so cute.

“That’s why I love breeding”


Mystarz Hytek Hooligan

May 5th 2013